Monday, March 17, 2014

Buddy - The Comforter

Remember Buddy the comforter pug? How he held Lily Bears paw her first night she came to us?...well yesterday Bandit lost his bonded partner to pneumonia and here my Buddy boy is comforting Bandit. Buddy is a special boy with a heart as big as he is. We love this boy.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

~We Say Goodbye To Brandy~

It's a sad day at Celebrating Pugs. We are heartbroken. Brandi crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She lost her battle with pneumonia. She leaves behind her bonded brother Bandit. Please pray that his little heart will mend. He is as sad as his foster momma right now.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Bruiser arrived to us here in Maryland the same day as Frankie ... on the same transport from NJ. We though that Bruiser had CHF when he came in but we soon found out he didn't. So he was checked for heartworms. Test came back negative. Xrays were needed. Today he had those xrays - and we were dumbfounded. Bruiser has an enlarged heart. We were ill-prepared for this diagnosis. In a word ... we were in shock. We still are.

Bruiser has now entered our hospice program. We have decided, and agreed upon, his hospice care plan.

We had a very serious conversation with Bruiser's adoptive family today. We are hopeful that Bruiser will make it back to them for his hospice care - and they are more than willing to provide it to him....they actually asked to. So - Bruiser will return to NJ to be adopted and know the love of a forever family. We are grateful for the warm and loving hearts of his family. We are truly blessed by them....especially Bruiser.


We received a call from the vet this morning about our sweet Bruiser. He has not thrown up anymore. He did have a bloody stool this morning - but she said she expected that and was not overly worried. His appetite is returning. He's been entertaining them with his comical little personality. He went out for a pee this morning and made an effort to mark each place he encountered.

He is back on the IV. He is responding well to the meds. She will call again around 1 PM.

Another worry at this point is the storm that's coming in. There is talk of Bruiser being transferred home with the vet because of the storm. When we say we have THE best vets ... we're not kidding!

We are hopeful this boy is going to turn the corner!!

If you would prefer to donate directly to the vet - you can find all of their information at under the donation tab. Bruiser is at the Pet Health Clinic in Easton. Please refer to the website for updates. The vet will not field update phone calls. Please respect this so that we can continue to receive telephone donations. Our account is under Celebrating Pugs/Bruiser.

Please continue to pray for our sweet boy!

If you would like to donate to Bruiser you can do so by clicking here. 

Sweet Frankie


Frankie was saved from a high kill shelter in NJ. We are headed directly to our vet - as we believe his condition to be critical (at least - very poor).

Our vet has been called in to assess his condition and treat him. Findings to follow this evening.


Frankie is in guarded condition. He has a whole lot going on. He is full of infection - everywhere. We're not certain he's had any vet care ....ever. He has a terrible skin infection that looks like it may have started from a flea allergy. It's so bad that his bottom is so swelled he does not want to sit down - he lays down. His eyes are infected, his ears are infected ....and his mouth is one huge infection. His teeth are absessed and will have to be removed if we can get him stable enough to go under anethesia. He is very underweight - although he weighed in at 18.6 lbs - he's just skin and bones.

His kidney and liver levels did look ok - that was when we felt he had a fighting chance.

He does look to have some severe neurological issues going on. However, he has so much going on that we need to take this one step at a time. He will go back in a few days for another assessment - that will give the meds time to kick in.

Right now we are concentrating on beefing up his weight. If we are feeding him to fatten him up and he's not gaining weight - we'll know we've got even more problems on our hands. He has been started on baytril, ear drops and pain meds. When asked if we should bath him yet - the answer was no....he's in too much pain.

This boy has a long recovery road ahead of him. We are in this for the long run! Please keep this precious boy lifted up in prayer.

We are amending the chipin to cover upcoming tests. We're already anticipating additional blood screens and xrays at the very least.


We thought we should clarify - we adopted a young pup out yesterday named Frankie. Today we received a new boy into transport that sports the same name ... Frankie.

Just in case there was any questions or confusion.


Frankie is tough and still fighting. He has a hearty appetite. He rested today - ate all of his meals and was able to get around outside a little to go to the bathroom. We are grateful for pain meds!

Tomorrow we will be making a new recipe for him that all of the rescues are raving about - to try to put some weight on him quickly. We'll let you know how that does!

Thank you for the continued prayer for this boy. He really is a sweet guy!


Frankie is weak today. Although he didn't stand to eat his lunch - he did eat it.  He has been sleeping a lot. He remains in guarded condition.

His urine appears to be clear. Only a test will confirm that tho - but visibly we have seen no blood.

Frankie has a vet appointment tomorrow at 3:30.


Frankie saw his vet today. Although he has a ravenous appetite - he continues to lose weight. We were given the green light to feed him as much as he wants - everything - that's good for him, that is.

The next step is an xray. At this point we are looking at IBD or cancer - on top of the laundry list of other issues he has. They're also trying to figure out whether the severe curve in his back is arthritis or something neurological.

His nose is still snotty - and will continue to be so until we are able to get him under anethesia to remove all his teeth. He has raging infection in his mouth - throughout his whole body actually.

This poor baby is so sad. He cried when we put him in the van for the appointment. He is fighting tho ... and we will fight right alongside him.

We will continue to update. Please continue to pray for this boy. He remains in guarded condition.

We appreciate everyone who has stepped forward to help out with Frankie.


Frankie had xrays and a short exam with our other vet today. The xrays were a mess! It was a good news/bad news kind of appointment.

First, the good news - it was difficult to get xrays (as we'll explain later) but it appears that he does not have cancer. We can't be 100% sure because of the xrays - but we are hopeful in that department. The other good news is - he gained 20 ounces since his last visit!

The bad news is - he has 4 ruptured discs in his back and severe athritis has set in. (We will be posting a video of him some time today so you can see his actual condition - it is not a video for everyone so think about it before you watch). We will manage what is going on with his spine with long term meds.

It was extremely difficult, and painful, for Frankie to get xrays - but it had to be done. It's almost as if his little body is out of proportion (well, it is)....and he has a "curve" to him - up AND to the side.  His pelvic area is a mess too. One hip seems to be floating around...the other looks to be pushed together - not crushed - but a mess.

He continues to have a raging infection in his mouth. It will continue until, hopefully, we can stabilize him enough to surgically remove his teeth. He continues to sneeze and have a runny nose - all due to teeth.

The open wounds on his spine are healing with meds. We're actually going to attempt a bath over the weekend - if we can get the green light from the vet.

He still has infection in his ears - but we are treating it.

Word for the moment is ....continue pain meds, finish the antibiotic and start the new one, and continue ear drops. AND - of course, feed him, feed him, feed him. We are feeding him everything and anything ...soft for his poor mouth. He had a ravenous appetite but it seems not to be as bad as it was. We are feeding him 6 times a day until he lets us know he's full.

His bowels are moving and his urine appears clear.

So....we will continue to baby him along. Please continue to pray for him.

We have adjusted our chipin to cover expenses. You can also donate directly to the vet. Contact details are on our website at  - under the donate tab. He is being treated by the Pet Health Clinic. Donations can be made there by credit card. Please do not call the vet for updates. It's an extremely busy office. We will post updates here and on our website. They do not have the staff to field update calls - and they will refer you back to the rescue.

Thank you all who have donated to Frankie's care...and those that continue to pray for him. This boy has a LONG road ahead.

You can donate to Frankie's care by clicking here. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See You At The Rainbow Bridge, Buddy!

From our founder: 

Looks like tough decisions will be made for Buddy head is so out of sorts about this....I thought he would beat the odds. I knew it was a long shot but when he passed 3 months....I just knew we had this....please say a prayer for our boy..... I'm posting his shelter picture so that everyone remembers which one of our boys he is. He's had a tough go of it for the 6 months he's been here. Two emergency surgeries ...and a diet he hated. Why so many people gave up on him before he came here is so beyond me. This boy and his woobie have stolen my heart.

**Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of his foster mother on February 17, 2014. This boy will be forever missed. Until we meet again, Buddy! Run free! 

We Need Doilies!

We are looking for crocheted and used. LOTS! Yes, they're going to benefit the rescue!! Paws in the air!! Woots!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Scarves To Benefit The Rescue

Ruffle scarves. $20 - proceeds benefit the rescue. 

$5/shipping - anywhere in the United States. If you are outside the US please contact us for shipping prices.